What is it all about?

Internet and digital technology can be invaluable for staying in touch with family and friends, as well as helping with everyday tasks such as shopping, ordering prescriptions, and banking.
You may be surprised at how much you are able to do online. You can use the internet to connect with other people and carry out tasks such as shopping, dealing with the utilities, and connecting with public services such as the GP surgery, pharmacy and the local council. The internet can also be a great source of entertainment with games, TV and radio available.

At the moment, activities that usually take place in person are now happening online. It might be worth speaking to the organiser of any local groups you previously attended to see if they’re now hosting the group online. There are many examples of people hosting exercise classes online, or holding virtual meetings with their book clubs.

This means know is the perfect time to improve your digital skills.

Data Science Malta will be running one of the first digital skills online workshops for the elderly in Malta. The workshop, partially supported by the eskills malta foundation starting on the 14th of September and ending on the 18th of September, daily for one full week.

Course content:

🎯 Use of Skype, Zoom, Face-time
🎯 E-Government services using e-forms on
🎯 Various forms of internet banking
🎯 Paying of bills online
🎯 Keeping entertained with the use of the internet

Course sponsored by eSkills Foundation Malta