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FAQs for Participants


What is #GirlsinICT2020 about?

#GIRLSINICT202 is the mission-driven initiative that has proven to be extremely efficient in our fight against gender imbalance. 


When will the event take place?

The event will take place online on the 6th November 2020. 


How is the online event organised?

The event will take place online. The appropriate tools needed to facilitate the work of everybody involved will be provided. Microsoft Teams will be the main communication platform for the teams. There will be live-streamings, webinars, Q&A sessions, and daily check-ins. For more information check out the Agenda.


Who can participate?

School aged students and their teachers.


Are there any specific requirements for participation?

There is no limit to the number of participants. Anyone can apply.


What is the deadline for the registration?

The deadline is the 19th of October 2020 at mid-day.


Should I register as a school or as an individual?

You can apply as an individual student or else as a school / team. The more you are, the better it would be for collaboration purposes.


Do I need preinstalled software?

No, you don’t need software beforehand. The technical infrastructure and instructions will be provided prior to the event.


What happens if my team wins?

If your team wins, you will be awarded with a full course by Data Science Malta, for your school.

FAQs for Mentors & Team Coordinators


What is the difference between mentors and speakers?

We are looking for mentors from all areas of the digital space, including robotics, IT (software and hardware), legal, business, security, design, soft skills, data and social sciences.

A mentor is a person with expertise in one or more fields, who is able to support a team with a specific problem or need. The mentor is committed to investing time throughout the weekend to assist in the growth and development of others.

The speakers will be talking about one particular area of expertise or else about their experience in the digital world. We want you to inspire our students.  


In which areas can I provide support?

We are looking for mentors and experts from all areas, including robotics, IT (software and hardware), legal, business, security, design, soft skills, data and social sciences. 


How much time do I have to invest?

The event will take place online. We expect a commitment of one afternoon on the 6th of November 2020. It is best if you are available during the whole event. There will also be a short briefing prior to the event. You can find detailed information in the agenda on the homepage. Detailed information will be provided to you after your registration.