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Malta Leading Through Innovation

In 2020, Tech.mt will be embarking on a mission to assist local technology companies to grow and expand their business into international markets.

For this purpose, Tech.mt partnered with the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, as partners of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). The EEN is the leading support network for SME’s interested in internationalisation, bringing together 3,000 experts from more than 600 member organisations, renowned for their excellence in business support.

Through this strategic and cooperative partnership, Tech.mt can facilitate the development of international partnerships by connecting businesses to expertise contacts; ensure expert advice to businesses to simplify entry into international markets; support business innovation services to instigate international success; support the clients’ needs on their international growth path; and assist businesses to find an international business partner.

If your business aspirations for 2020 are to grow internationally then, the team at Tech.mt invites you to get in touch.

How can we assist?

Finding a partner for your business, is only three steps away...

Step 1 – Express your interest to Internationalise by sending us a ‘business brief’, for better understanding of the nature of business done by your company. It is important to identify clearly the sector /s you operate in, highlighting the product/s and/or service/s you wish to expand and grow as well as the preferred markets you wish to tap into.

Step 2 – Upon receipt of your business brief, we will hold an onboarding meeting and ensure an understanding of the services available, as well as discuss our roles and review your desired outcomes. 

Step 3 – We will assist you in creating a profile that shall be used to attract potential businesses interested in partnering with you. Finally, we will ensure to maintain an open channel of communication with you at all times and keep you updated with the ongoing developments in our efforts to help you internationalise and thrive.

Reach out to Tech.mt, send us your feedback, explain to us your aspirations and expectations and tell us how we can assist you in reaching your internationalisation goals. Our team is looking forward to assist you with advice, support and opportunities.

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