Course Duration Date Cost Location
Introduction to data science9am-1pm2019-09-23EUR 75Malta
Learn the basics to build a website1pm-5pm2019-09-23EUR 130Malta
An introduction to artificial intelligence9am-1pm2019-09-24EUR 75Malta
Big data and marketing
1pm-5pm2019-09-24EUR 75Malta
Introduction to data analytics9am-1pm2019-09-25EUR 75Gudja, Malta
An introduction to the Internet of Things and Embedded Systems1pm-5pm2019-09-25EUR 75Gudja, Malta
How to use Big Data in the Business Industry9am-1pm2019-09-26EUR 75Gudja, Malta
The big wave of data science in the election polls9am-1pm2019-09-26EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Data science and big data in sports9am-1pm2019-09-27EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Legal framework of the blockchain9am-1pm2019-09-30EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Legal framework of the A.I. legislations9am-1pm2019-10-01EUR 75Gudja, Malta
An introduction to blockchain technology9am-1pm2019-10-02EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Business Analytics in 3 days9am-1pm2019-10-07
EUR 240Gudja, Malta
Learn R in 3 days9am-1pm2019-10-14
EUR 240
Gudja, Malta
Data in Payments9am-1pm2019-10-21EUR 75Gudja, Malta
CRM - Customer Relationship Management9am-1pm2019-10-22EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Introduction to ICOs9am-1pm2019-10-23EUR 75
Gudja, Malta
Big Data, AI & Blockchain in the medical industry9am-1pm2019-10-28EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Big Data, AI & Blockchain in the gaming industry9am-1pm2019-10-29EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Big Data, AI & Blockchain in the financial industry9am-1pm2019-10-30EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Affiliate management in the gaming industry9am-1pm2019-11-04EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Advanced R9am-1pm2019-11-05EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Introduction to Shell for Data Science9am-1pm2019-11-06EUR 75Gudja, Malta
The GDPR law9am-1pm2019-11-11EUR 75
Gudja, Malta
Data Visualisation in R, Python & ggplot9am-1pm2019-11-12EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Business Process Analytics9am-1pm2019-11-13EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Introduction to machine learning9am-1pm2019-11-18EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Machine learning toolbox9am-1pm2019-11-19EUR 75
Gudja, Malta
Correlation and regression9am-1pm2019-11-25EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Sentiment analysis9am-1pm2019-11-26EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Factor analysis9am-1pm2019-11-27EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Credit risk modelling9am-1pm2019-12-02EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Financial trading9am-1pm2019-12-03EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Bond valuation and analysis9am-1pm2019-12-04EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Building dashboards9am-1pm2019-12-09EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Data Science for Management9am-1pm2019-12-10EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Learn Python in a day9am-5pm2019-12-13EUR 175Gudja, Malta
Responsible gaming9am-1pm2019-12-16EUR 75Gudja, Malta
US sportsbook masterclass9am-1pm2019-12-17EUR 75Gudja, Malta
KYC - All you need to know about it9am-1pm2019-12-18EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Digital Marketing & SEO9am-1pm2020-01-06EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Customer analytics9am-1pm2020-01-07EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Portofolio analysis9am-1pm2020-01-08EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Learn Hadoop in 3 days9am-1pm2020-01-13
EUR 240
Gudja, Malta
Financial analytics9am-1pm2020-01-20EUR 75Gudja, Malta
AML Compliance & Enforcement Couse in the Gaming9am-1pm2020-01-21EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Make yourself employable: Lean C sharp in a week9am-1pm2020-01-27
EUR 350
Gudja, Malta
Introduction to SQL Server9am-1pm2020-02-04EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Digital transformations in the aviation industry9am-1pm2020-02-05EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Anti-money laundering Introductory course9am-1pm2020-02-11EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Online sportsbook management9am-1pm2020-02-12EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Anti-Fraud in business- All you need to know about it9am-1pm2020-02-13EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Valuation of life insurance products9am-1pm2020-02-17EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Cluster analysis9am-1pm2020-02-18EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Linear Modeling - Case Studies9am-1pm2020-02-19EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Introduction to time series analysis9am-1pm2020-02-24EUR 75
Gudja, Malta
Data research with confidence9am-1pm2020-02-25EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Advanced spreadsheet for Data Science9am-1pm2020-02-26EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Big Data, AI & Blockchain in the tourism industry9am-1pm2020-02-27EUR 75Gudja, Malta
Smart Contracts Workshop9am-1pm2020-03-02EUR 120Gudja, Malta
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